Changes in people undulate throughout organizations and society.We want to be a presence that will continue to instigate these possibilities.

人の変化が、組織に、社会に、波打つ。その可能性を後押しし続ける存在でありたい。 There’ s something that we’ re sure of, and that’ s the infinite potential
for anyone to be able to change.
Also, we are sure of the fact that a person changing in the heat of
the moment can actually become the motivation to change an organization and society.

Through my activities as a “reformer” who changes companies from
the perspective of talent development, I meet over 5-600 people a year.
Some of these people have a clear life vision, but are troubled by how to achieve it
– and there are people whose vision itself is not yet clear, and people who have given up
on having a vision vision. I have been involved with many different kinds of people, and have
looked for their “change switches” together with them.
Among these, there are people who have changed dramatically
in just a number of months.
Some people who thought that “work is something you deal with” now passionately express
the belief that “I want to change the company like this
because I want to change society like that” .
People whose desire to truly achieve something comes from their heart are unwaveringly
strong. I believe that these kinds of people can cause large waves of change to happen in
organizations and in society by stimulating one another and by creating a chain reaction.

I would like to change the internal aspects of individuals one by one,
resulting in a fast-changing society and future.
What companies will require to move forward are people who can solve issues and continue
to transform themselves, regardless of the day or age.
I feel that these sorts of needs are increasing on a daily basis.
Precisely because of this, I would like to continue asking the question of everyone
I encounter, “What is the future that you think you would like to achieve?”

President & CEO Hiroko SasakiHiroko Sasaki

  • Every person has the potential to infinitely change

    People learn from their connections with other people

    An organization and society that mutually capitalize on diversity are rich and strong

    The future can create plenty of possibilities

  • Gaze intently at the essentials and the truth

    Question common sense

    Light a fire in people’ s hearts

    Believe in yourself, your colleagues and the future

  • We are the happiest group of professionals in the world

    ChangeWave is a movement that generates waves of change