Changes in people undulate throughout organizations and society.We want to be a presence that will continue to instigate these possibilities.

We are dedicated to encouraging people to create waves of change I believe that every person has infinite potential.
I also believe that each individual has the power to drive change
in organizations and societies.

Before founding ChangeWAVE,
I had the privilege of meeting over 600 people a year in my role as a “reformer,”
which allowed me to create positive change
within organizations through the development of their human capital.
I’ve worked with a full spectrum of individuals to help them grow,
develop goals, and pursue their visions.
Some had a clear vision but didn’t know how to act upon it.
Others were uncertain about their vision, and needed support in developing one..
In all cases, there was dramatic change within the first several months.

The prevailing mindset was a narrowed view of the task at end— ie.
“I’m supposed to complete this required job.”
However, after some discussion, this mindset evolved into a genuine passion,
resulting in an enthusiastic approach towards creating positive change at their organizations, and eventually, their society.
My experience has demonstrated the strong impact created
when individuals are truly committed to a self-defined vision or goal.
I am confident that this results in a momentum,
or what I like to think of as “waves of change,”
created by the mutual stimulation of shared ideas and inspiration.
This is what can cause positive change on a larger scale.

I am passionate about encouraging people to evolve,
because in a fast-moving world organizations need individuals
who are dedicated to solving problems,flexible about transformation,
and prepared to realize their full potential.
I see the increasing need for these attributes every day.

That is why I continue to ask: “What is your true vision?”

Hiroko Sasaki

President & CEO Hiroko SasakiHiroko Sasaki

  • Every person has the potential to infinitely change

    People learn from their connections with other people

    An organization and society that mutually capitalize on diversity are rich and strong

    The future can create plenty of possibilities

  • Gaze intently at the essentials and the truth

    Question common sense

    Light a fire in people’ s hearts

    Believe in yourself, your colleagues and the future

  • We are the happiest group of professionals in the world

    ChangeWave is a movement that generates waves of change