4 Services

We categorize our transformation programs into four segments: “Organizational Transformation Advice”, “Change Leader Development”,
“Executive Coaching”, and “Diversity Promotion”. In this way, we can provide support from various perspectives in order to assist you
in drafting a future that abounds with creativity.

1 Organizational Change Advice

  • Management change support
  • Executive facilitation
  • Grand designs

2 Diversity Promotion

  • D&I promotion advice
  • Female salesforce empowerment and
    support among different industries
  • Managerial diversity promotion

3 Change Leader Development

  • Global leader development
  • Next-generation senior
    management development
  • Female leader development

4 Executive Coaching

  • Management counseling
  • Provision of various assessment tools

3 Promicses

As unparalleled professionals who have together created “self-evolution that continues to grow for a hundred years”, we make three
promises in order to delve deeply into businesses and bring about visible changes.

“Tailor-made” Proposals Based
on the Changes, Issues and
the Corporate Culture You Seek

Based on the company’s issues and corporate culture, we set a theme and tone that will resonate with the subjects and select a method that is most suited to the changes being sought.

Future of communities, industries, customers et al.;
Focus on “strengths” / fostering of a sense of urgency, and“individual coaching”,
“training”, “advice”, et al.

Methods and Approaches that
Suit Each Person’s “Individuality”

Through the utilization of various tools that are suited to the individual and through personalized advice, we offer support in defining each individual’s “origin of change”.

“I never thought that I would find myself digging
this deeply inside myself.”
“I became able to resolve my outlook toward my work and to speak about my experiences and my career plans with confidence.”

Action Learning that Repeatedly
Asks, “Why”, “Really?”, and
“What Specifically?”

We produce attitudes of strong resolve and output “with a soul” by abundantly putting together opportunities for “breaking barriers” with the instructors, mentors, and senior management.

“My thinking became deeper through interactions
with the instructors, mentors, and the other participants.”
“I wanted to seriously entrust higher positions to the earnest presentations of the participants.”

Our Transformation Results Have Been Confirmed Quantitatively through the ChangeWAVE Survey